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what is is your go-to TikTok LIVE agency for maximizing engagement and killing the live streaming scene. We're here to provide creators like you with the tools, knowledge, and unwavering support to supercharge your live-streaming content and monetize your influence.

how can help me as a creator?

At, we've got your back with all the insider tips and tricks to take your live streams from average to amazing. We're all about helping you up your game, maximize your monetization, and connect with valuable partnerships and sponsorships. Our team is here to support you, whether you're just starting out or looking to level up your live streaming. We've got your back!

do I need to pay to join the agency?

Nope, joining won’t cost you a thing. Our services are fully sponsored by the platform, so you can access all the support and opportunities you need without breaking the bank.


how do I get paid as a creator?


If accepted, you'll come aboard as a 1099/independent contractor, with all compensation managed directly by TikTok based on your performance and the gifts you earn during LIVE sessions.


can I join if I don't have 1000 followers?


Yes, even if you don't have 1,000 followers, you can join and start live streaming if you're approved for the program. This opportunity allows you to begin your earning journey without meeting the minimal follower requirement! 

what is the criteria to join

To qualify for our program, all you need to do is consistently go live and engage your audience. We know that consistency is key to building a strong and engaged fanbase. But hey, specific eligibility criteria may vary, so feel free to hit us up for personalized assistance.

what kind of support does the agency provide?

At, we're all about providing comprehensive support that goes above and beyond. Think regular meetings with our team, exclusive TikTok LIVE campaigns, connections with other creators, access to promotional opportunities, and ongoing guidance to help you on your live streaming journey. We're here to make sure you're supported every step of the way.

can help me with technical aspects of LIVE?

Absolutely! Our team of tech-savvy professionals is all about helping you master the technical side of live streaming. Whether you need advice on camera angles, lighting hacks, or overall live-streaming tips, we've got your back. 

what are the benefits of joining

When you join Agency, you're in for some great benefits. Get ready to earn more money, grow your viewership, connect with a vibrant community of creators, and gain exclusive access to TikTok LIVE initiatives, campaigns, and promotional opportunities. Take your TikTok live streaming to the next level!

how do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Just send us a message by filling out the form on our website's home page. We'll get back to you with all the information on how to join our agency.

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