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Engagement Series

Dive into the Future of Content Creation with & Khanna House Studios

About the Series

Join us at Khanna House Studios, Wellington, FL, for an electrifying series of bi-weekly TikTok LIVE Engagement sessions, starting March 7, 2024. In collaboration with TikTok Learning Partners,, we're bringing you an unparalleled opportunity to skyrocket your TikTok LIVE presence. Whether you're exploring TikTok LIVE for the first time or aiming to boost your existing LIVE content, this event is your golden ticket to mastering the art of engagement and monetization on one of the world's leading entertainment platforms.

Event Highlights


Insider Knowledge:
​Begin each session with insights from Allie, our TikTok certified learning partner. Discover the keys to audience growth and monetization on TikTok LIVE.


Engagement Challenge:

Participate in a LIVE session, under Allie's guidance. Test your skills, interact with viewers, and apply real-time strategies to captivate your audience.


Q&A and Networking:

Conclude with an interactive session, where you can quench your curiosity, followed by an opportunity to connect with fellow creators over drinks.

Julie Khanna, Khanna House Studio Owner

We are so excited to collaborate with and bring this opportunity to South Florida entrepreneurs and creators. Everyone wants a piece of the social media pie. This program is a way of learning straight from the horse’s mouth and I am looking forward to seeing the creativity that thrives as a result of this partnership."

Why Join Us?


Tailored TikTok Training

Gain insights from TikTok's educational ecosystem, focusing on live streaming secrets, effective monetization, and algorithm optimization.


Efficient Content Creation

Learn strategies for creating impactful content without overwhelming your schedule, leading to a viable income source.


Community and Collaboration

Experience the synergy of learning among peers in South Florida's premier creative hub, Khanna House Studios.

Book Now

Starting on Thursday, March 7th at Khanna House Studios

Reserve the full series of six classes or opt to purchase them individually!

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