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The Importance of Pre and Post-LIVE Posts

Creating a well-rounded content strategy on TikTok can significantly enhance your visibility and engagement as a creator. Incorporating both pre-live posts and post-live posts, alongside your live streams, can be particularly valuable for your TikTok creator account.

Here’s why:

1. Building Anticipation with Pre-Live Posts

Pre-live posts are a strategic tool to build anticipation and hype before you go live. These posts can:

  • Inform your audience: Let your community know when you will be going live. This is a great tool to let them know you will be going live in real-time.

  • Generate HYPE: Use engaging content like countdowns, teasers, or sneak peeks of what to expect in your next livestream. This can intrigue your audience and increase the likelihood of them tuning in.

  • Boost engagement: Engage with your audience through comments or by asking questions related to the upcoming live. This interaction can foster a stronger connection with your community.

2. Enhancing Engagement with Post-Live Posts

After a live session, it's important to maintain the momentum. Post-LIVE posts can help you do just that:

  • Recaps and highlights: Share key moments or interesting insights from your live. This not only caters to those who missed the live but also serves as a refresher for those who attended. Make sure to thank and tag any supporters!

  • Feedback collection: Ask for feedback on what your audience liked or what they’d want to see next time. This can guide your future content and shows that you value your audience’s input.

  • Further interactions: Continue the conversation from your live session in your posts to keep the engagement going. Respond to comments and questions to keep your audience interested and involved. Don't forget to let them know when you will be going live next!

3. Creating a Content Ecosystem

Integrating pre-live and post-live posts with your live stream creates a content ecosystem that keeps your audience engaged through a continuous flow of content. This strategy:

  • Increases content visibility: Each post can drive attention to your other content, whether it's alerting followers to an upcoming live, recapping a past one, or sharing related content that keeps the conversation going.

  • Enhances content discovery: New followers might discover your account through a post and stay for your lives. Conversely, live viewers might start following your posts more closely.

  • Builds a community: Consistent interaction across different types of content can help build a sense of community and loyalty among your followers, making your TikTok account a hub for regular engagement.


Integrating pre-live and post-live posts into your TikTok strategy is about more than just promoting your live broadcasts; it's about creating a dynamic and interactive experience for your followers. By using these posts to inform, engage, and interact, you can enhance your presence, grow your audience, and foster a vibrant community. This comprehensive approach can ultimately lead to increased success and satisfaction as a TikTok creator.

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